Josiah began to walk with God at a young age despite his ancestry which included some horrific personalities. His evil father Amon was murdered by his household staff when he…

The Ways of God

August 21, 2016
Our Elder, Tim Bryant, posses the question, "How often are we questioning the ways and judgments of God?"

My Healing Journey

August 14, 2016
Joseph's story gives a biblical framework for The Healing Journey Course which Janenne has been certified in and is leading at Agape beginning in September. In this message she shared…
I believe in the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth; and of all things visible and invisible. In this first of the I believe series we discuss the visible…

Teach us to Pray

July 31, 2016
The fabric of prayer is the faithfulness of God. Prayer is the blessing of Christ's headship and His body (the church).

Onesimus Reflection

July 24, 2016
Paul shepherds relational reconciliation between Philemon and Onesimus. Herein we see the template that Christ gives us to pursue the Ministry of Reconciliation.

Devote, Conduct & Speak

July 17, 2016
Paul encourages believers to: Devote themselves to prayer. Conduct themselves wisely with unbelievers. To always speak with grace.