Life Groups

Small groups are a natural way to build significant relationships. In a small group we learn more about our respective faith journeys. Small groups help counteract the isolating “bigness” of our culture. They provide a much needed context of a healthy community where we learn about God, ourselves, and each other. In small groups we also form meaningful relationships.

Chapter A Month

The Chapter A Month Club is an exciting way to memorize important Scripture through a collaborative effort that provides encouragement and accountability. Every month hundreds, perhaps thousands, will memorize a potent chapter of scripture. Find our Agape Chapter A Month groups in our life group listing.

Agape Fellowship gathers together Sunday mornings at 9:30 for worship, and 11:00 for Focus Groups. For any questions please call the Church Office at (570) 326-5924 Monday thru Thursday between 10:00 an 1:00.


Lord, As Churches, Teach Us to Pray! February 2019

A word from Pastor Dale I was introduced to the manifest presence of God in the story of Moses and the burning bush but I never thought that God could manifest His presence today. I have learned He not only can but He desires to be actively present with...

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Phil and Linda Byler

Phil & Linda Byler were longtime members of Agape Fellowship and part of the founding team of Cornerstone Family Health, a Christian medical practice in Williamsport. Fifteen years ago they were in the final months of a multiyear preparation for full...

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The Watoto Children’s Choir

The Lamar Lighthouse Camp is thrilled to present The Watoto Children’s Choir traveling from Africa to present a brand new choir production entitled “WE WILL GO!” The 6-month tour, launching in the USA on the East Coast, presents the story of abandoned...

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