Do you love getting together and having a wedding or family party? How about the anticipation of an upcoming wedding?
This past weekend at the 1st Module for the Williamsport Campus of the College of Prayer, that is exactly what occurred! The local church met her bridegroom. It was great and a glorious anointed time!
Friday and Saturday started with high worship of our mighty God and leaning into Him with united hearts. Teaching on The Lord’s Prayer was covered in each minute detail.

We ate together with our G.A.P.- growth, accountability, prayer- groups where we shared and prayed with one another.
As with preparing for a wedding or family party, many people shared their help and support and prayer covered the event for 40days. We had outstanding support from 5 churches and 15 churches represented.
Some of the teachings that stood out for me were the one on how strongholds can seem so logical but Not Biblical. How I/we try to hide from God like Adam and Eve rather than run to God’s waiting arms.

Also three reasons to teach on The Lord’s Prayer are-
1. It is the only prayer pattern Jesus gave
2. It is concise and strategic
3. We not only pray the Bible but the very words of Jesus

We were led into High worship, repentance and a forgiveness teaching where we were able to peel off layers of unforgiveness and receive healing. Prayer was evident thru out both days and The Anointed Jesus and the Holy Spirit was welcomed and received.
This teaching module has been being sought after in prayer for several years with great expectation. The C of P teaches and equips God’s church to bring HIS Kingdom to our families, our cities and our world.

Our next Module of the C of P will be June 23, 24 2017 at Agape Fellowship with info on FB page. FOR INFORMATION: FIND US ON FACEBOOK @ COLLEGE OF PRAYER WILLIAMSPORT OR CONTACT US BY EMAILING williamsportprayer@gmail.com
May this next wedding and party invitation with our King and God be on your calendar!