For our next Focus Group series at Agape Fellowship, we want to use a model suggested by our conference called “Discovery Bible Study.” This involves:

  • The People of God
  • With the Word of God
  • Hearing the Spirit of God


The Goal


We want to discover and cultivate an ever-deepening relationship with God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We want to walk in communion with God, be empowered by the Holy Spirit that dwells within us, and then to live out the Word of God as the community of God’s people, the Body of Christ.



We want to connect with God and one another around the Scriptures, walking in the power of the Spirit so our lives are transformed to reflect more of Jesus.



Study is not about cramming information into our minds. Rather it is about diligence and giving priority to being formed as a People of God around the Word of God. In study, we respond to the Spirit of God so that we can truly be transformed.


The Steps

Thus, the goal in Discovery Bible Study is to hear the Holy Spirit speak to us as we gather around God’s Word. How that is done can vary. The following steps give one way to proceed through a Discovery Bible Study. We will begin with this and ask the Holy Spirit to lead us as we proceed.



Come prepared by reading the passage ahead of time and thinking through some of the questions below.


(10-15 minutes) In the large group:

  • Read the passage aloud.
  • Have someone prepare a short explanation about the context of the passage:
    • What kind of book of the Bible? Genre?
    •  Old Testament or New Testament?
    • Context?  What comes before it? How does it fit into the larger story?

(10-15 minutes) In smaller groups:  Share what you prepared ahead of time or what you are thinking as you heard the context.

  • Have someone put the passage in their own words.
  • What stands out to you?
  • What does this text say about God?
  • What does this text say about people?



(10 minutes) In small groups:

  • Share how you can specifically put into practice what the Holy Spirit is saying to you through this passage.
  • You can focus this thought by creating an “I will…” commitment statement.
  • Tell the group: Who are you going to tell about what you discovered in the next week?

Three questions to be attentive to:

  • What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?
  • What is the Holy Spirit showing you to do?
  • How can we support you and pray for you?



(2 minutes) In the larger group, have someone lead in a final prayer asking God to lead us into living out what we have discovered.


Thoughts and next steps (as of October 21, 2023):

  • The specific steps outlined above represent a starting point which can be adapted by the facilitator as needed. Time segments provide a maximum of about 50 minutes, possibly as little as 35 minutes. For example, the “Connect” step could be eliminated. “Connect Step Eliminated
  • I envision a larger group for teaching and the smaller groups to keep everyone engaged. Numbers in the smaller groups could be 3-5.
  • The Elders will generate an initial list of scriptures as follows:
    • Scriptures cited in Francis Chan’s “Until Unity” series will have priority.
    • Junior, along with his Focus Group, will generate an initial list to be reviewed by the Elders.
    • The Elders would generate a Focus Group schedule and assign facilitators.
    • I would envision a print-out of the scripture passage that would be distributed the previous week and would provide space for people to write notes.
  • I envision a facilitator/leader for each session who would guide the larger group, offer the background teaching, and listen in on the small group discussions.
  • Formulate Handouts to match with website

Discovery Bible Study Scripture Schedule

Agape Fellowship, 2024








Until Unity



Approaching God with Praise and Blessing

Ps 103



Approaching God through Reverence

Is 66



Be One:  One Mind Striving Together

Phil 1:21-30



Be One:  One Attitude Like Jesus

Phil 2:1-13



Serve One Another through Love

Gal 5:13-26



Put on the New Self so that Word of Christ May Dwell in You Richly

Col 3:1-17



Make them Perfectly One

Jn 17:13-26



The Father Who Hates Division

Ja 4:1-12



The Son Who Died to Bring us Together

Eph 2:13-22



Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace

Eph 4:1-16



Grieving the Spirit of God

Eph 4:25-32



Fellowship Brunch








Living in the Kindness of God

Tit 3:1-15