The Unknowns

The Unknowns make life hard. The unknowns call for trust… and that is not easy, for the unknowns demand a confidence we do not readily feel. The unknowns keep us dependent on God when we would prefer to see and know what lies ahead. The unknowns frustrate and challenge us.

The solution is deep hope placed in God, while dealing with the uncertainties placed in front of us. It is not an easy way, but it can be a way of growth, as we lay our needs and desires before Him and continue to walk with Jesus, living in the present, allowing the uncomfortableness of our situation to draw us closer into His embracing love, His sheltering, faithful, and attentive care.

We know that this time can be demanding. Our human strength is limited. But “the One Who knows you best and Who loves you most” is not wanting you to walk this way alone. He promises to walk with you, holding your hand, encouraging you, sustaining you, in ways that “speak” meaningful to you of His sufficiency!

Twila Charles Leichty
Wrapped in God’s Love p. 57