Unquenchable Fire

March 19, 2023
When Moses meets God through the burning bush we see a man who has been cast off and is guilty of murder. His shame runs deep but God uses him…

Control vs. Chaos

March 12, 2023
In the midst of severe persecution and slavery God uses three women and one girl to set up His work of freeing His people. The actions of Jochebed, Miriam, Shiphrah,…

Breaking Point

February 26, 2023
Joseph is in power in Egypt and his brothers are in need of food for the worldwide famine. Joseph tiptoes around his memories as he plays with the dynamics of…

From the Dungeon

February 19, 2023
After experiencing hatred, slavery, and imprisonment God brings about a God-Deep moment to Pharaoh through Joseph.

The Voice of God

February 5, 2023
God has always been speaking to us even from the beginning of Adam's fall. We often do not see His hand at work because of our myopic focus. Eye has…