Jesus To You

September 25, 2022
Jesus offers us a life that is flowing with a vibrancy that words cannot describe. This is because it is internal and not external. It is about what is placed…

“In Christ” Part 1

August 22, 2021
Through the use of 14 verse from an outline from John Piper, this message summarizes some of the amazing statements that the Bible has related to verses that include the…

Heavenly Places

October 25, 2020
We are living in a time of shaking (Heb 12:28). God is establishing Jesus as Lord (Ps 110) and we are participants in the spiritual battle of the heavenly places…

My Story of God’s Grace

October 18, 2020
Dan Blust shared his life story with an invitation to the church to be real, even if you are bruised, and not fake fruit.
God is the source of All Comfort. He is the source of every need that we as humans have individually and corporately. Psalm 23 is an activating Psalm for pressing…

The Light of Jesus

September 15, 2019
Living in community with Forgiveness as a core enviable attribute requires us living in the Light of the Lord Jesus Christ. John tells us that if we walk in the…


April 14, 2019
The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the first fruits of life to humankind and all creation. The story of Mary Magdalene helps us to understand the import on us as…

Walking in Freedom

September 24, 2017
In the Lord's Prayer Jesus tells us to ask for both physical provision and spiritual provision. Pastor Dale gives practical steps for walking in the provision of God against "evil."