Choose which topic you would want to attend this fall. The in-person groups will meet beginning Sept. 20 and continue thru Nov. 29

___Culture, customs and geography of Jesus’ time: Dan Rosencrance will again lead an exploration of Biblical times. He will focus on the time period that Jesus walked the earth, to better understand His teachings given that we are about 2000 years beyond his earthly appearance and in a vastly different culture. 

___Soul Care: Soul Care: Janenne Goliash a study on the book Soul Care by Dr. Robert Reimer.  Some of the issues that will be covered are: What are my barriers to a deeper relationship with Christ?  How do I deal with my own hurts and experiences in a healthy manner?  How do I cope with and find peace in the midst of earthly trials and hardships?  All these are addressed with the end goal of a better relationship with God our Creator, Christ our Savior, and the Holy Spirit our comforter.  

___Sermon Response: The elders will again provide an opportunity to explore the morning message, digging in deeper to some of the themes and questions raised by the sermon that day. 

___ Pray for our Nation. Kathy Stopper will lead this group referring to several books on praying for revival and will plan to use them for suggestions on how to pray specifically for our nation. Time will be devoted to prayer as well.

Additional Online Focus Group 

___ God’s Power and Worldly Powers. Paul Leitchty will lead a Zoom session beginning on Tuesday, September 15 or 22, 2020 at 7 pm. This focus group will be based on Scripture passages about God’s power vs. the powers of this world. Resource materials will be primarily Internet articles, including articles by the focus group leader, as well as the Bible itself. Participants will be encouraged to suggest additional topics for discussion. 

Note: You can take the Zoom course on God’s Power as well as one of the in-person groups.

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